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Our History

In 2014, Derrik Schwartz bought Absolute Sound and Security and primarily worked with video surveillance and audio in the local space. Over the past 9 years, Absolute has expanded its services into the IT world, even more, providing managed IT services, and structured cabling, and continues to provide excellent audio and video to customers all over the United States.

Absolute Solutions works with amazing customers from fast food franchises to warehouses, from apartment complexes to churches. If you need help, Absolute has a solution. 

Our Message

Our goal is to make technology simple and understandable in everyday life.  Absolute Solutions’ main goal is to “know before you know”, which means already having a solution in place before something goes down. Proactive monitoring is important to us - Absolute strives to not only have a solution to your problem, but to have one before the problem even exists. We fix what breaks, but what is even more important is to already know the life expectancy of your equipment and a knowledge of your networking. 

Note From Our Founders

Derrik & Hannah Schwartz has owned Absolute Solutions since 2014. Derrik is the CEO and is responsible for driving growth, working with the team to drive innovation, and continuously look for opportunities to serve his current and future clients best. Hannah has worked on and off with Absolute Solutions for almost 8 years as the Executive Director, in between raising their family. Customer service is most important to Hannah.

 “I care about what people care about – it’s not always easy to own or manage a growing business and with technology always growing and changing also, it’s even harder to know what you need especially if you’re not familiar with it. We’re here to help figure out what you need, what solves the problems that keep you up at night, and to make life easier and understandable in the technology world. Having smoothly running equipment makes a world of difference and frees you up to manage the rest of your business.”  – Hannah Schwartz


Tim Henson

Dwight Police Department

I have head the pleasure of working with Absolute Security for several years. The Dwight Police Department was in need of a quality security system that was easy to use and always could be relied on. Derek and his team knocked it out of the park.

Fairbury Furinture

Derrik and his crew at Absolute Security are great people to do business with and they do excellent work.

Heidi Sipes

Whatever your needs! I can't imagine all it must take to run such an establishment that travels far and wide to meet the needs of their clients. Quick, thorough, genuine, and courteous service! Thanks ABSOLUTE!

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